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APOCALYPSE NOW: Best War Movie Ever Made

This classic by Francis Ford Coppola is inarguably the best war film ever put into celluloid. And definitely the best Vietnam War film. It has that quality which all good war flicks have: Timelessness. It was made decades ago but it appeals to the present generation as it did to the earlier generation.

The most appealing part is it shows war as it is. Ugly. Inhuman. Robert Duvall talks of liking the smell of napalm in the morning as the forest burns in the background after a napalm is dropped by American warplanes. He epitomises the then prevailing American thinking that the Vietcong could be hammered into submission.

Martin Sheen mirrors the other America. Sceptical of the Vietnam War, and watches bemused at what is happening. But patriotism stops him from disobeying orders or deserting.

Marlon Brando is a manifestation of that part of America that has gone mad in Vietnam. Something like the character portrayed by Tom Berenger in "Platoon".

The dance show in the midst of fighting areas in Vietnam by show girls gives the message that America was totally out of its depth in Vietnam. The expression on Martin Sheen's expressive face says it all.

Words cannot begin to describe the film. It can only be seen to be believed.

Robert Duvall  Coppola's classic Apocalypse Now Best war film

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Von Stauffenberg: The Man Who Almost Killed HITLER
After several unsuccessful tries by Stauffenberg to meet Hitler, G├Âring and Himmler when they were together, he went ahead with the attempt at Wolfsschanze on 20 July, 1944. Stauffenberg entered the briefing room carrying a briefcase containing two small bombs. The location had unexpectedly been changed from the subterranean F├╝hrerbunker to Speer's wooden barrack/hut. He left the room to arm the first bomb with specially-adapted pliers, a task made difficult because he had lost his right hand and had only three fingers on his left. A guard knocked and opened the door, urging him to hurry as the meeting was about to begin. As a result, Stauffenberg was able to arm only one of the bombs. He left the second bomb with his aide-de-camp, Werner von Haeften, and returned to the briefing room, where he placed the briefcase under the conference table, as close as he could to Hitler. Some minutes later, he excused himself and left the room.

Please note...

In articles related to the Eastern Front of WW2, the Soviet Union has been commonly referred to as Russia. This is because the Soviet Union was mainly Russia. Other states like Ukraine, Georgia, Byelorussia were in comparision very small.

Quotes about War...

"I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in."
--George McGovern

Quotes about War....

'Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed."
--Mao Tse-Tung (1893 - 1976)

Quotes about War....

"We have failed to grasp the fact that mankind is becoming a single unit, and that for a unit to fight against itself is suicide."
--Havelock Ellis

Quotes about war....

"War grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow man."
--Napoleon Hill