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SOME WW2 FACTS..........In 1941, the military of the United States was smaller than the Romanian military...........When Germany invaded Russia in 1941 during Operation Barbarossa, they invaded across a 1,500 mile (2,400km) front. This is longer than the entire US Eastern Seaboard..........The United States is estimated to have fed no less than 6 million Soviet citizens continually during WW2. In addition to this, the US military fed up to 11 million American military personnel during the war along with additional citizens of Hawaii and the Philippines..........In 1941 , the German military lost more soldiers to frostbite than they did the Soviet Army..........There was one incident of chemical warfare being used during WW2. The US military had brought canisters of Mustard Gas into the Italian port of Bari “Just in case” of chemical warfare against Germany. The German Luftwaffe bombed these ships, letting loose the chemical cargo stores. A total of 27 cargo ships were lost and over 2,000 military & civilian casualties resulted. It is unknown just how many people died from the release of chemicals versus how many died from explosions..........More V2 rockets fell on Belgium than on Britain..........The German military was able to establish a secret base of operation on the coast of Labrador, Canada. The Germans hid the weather station so well that it was only discovered in the 1970s – 30 years after the war..........The German military employed over 3 MILLION pack animals, most of which were horses during their invasion of the USSR...........The United States employed a ‘Special Weapons Unit’ during WW2 that was entirely made up of foreign weapons. They had to be very careful when in use as most American soldiers knew what the enemy weapons sounded like and would often target the friendly unit...........During WW2, there were TWO carriers stationed on the great lakes near Michigan. They were used exclusively to train naval pilots on how to land on moving carriers. These carriers were hidden in such secrecy that most people did not know their existence till after the war was over..........Source: KnowlwedgeGlue

German Atrocities During WW2: Part 1

The following images are not merely of the Nazi brutality in the concentration camps, but the series of articles cover the excessive bestiality of the Germans in Russia when they occupied the country during WW2

Brutal German soldiers killing Polish civilians ww2
 German soldiers shoot Polish citizens at Brochnia on December 18, 1939


That evening, regimental officers were told of certain 'special orders' affecting the conflict ahead. They included 'collective measures of force against villages' in areas where partisans were active. Soviet political officers, Jews and partisans were to be handed over to the SS or the Secret Field Police. Most staff officers, and certainly all intelligence officers, were told of Field Marshal von Brauchitsch's order of 28 April, stressing on what the relations between army commanders and the SS Sonderkommando and security police would be.

Finally, a 'Jurisdiction Order' clearly said that Russian civilians would have no right to appeal and no German soldiers would be held guilty for crimes committed against them, whether murder, rape or looting. The order signed by Field Marshal Keitel on 13 May was thus justified, 'that the downfall of 1918, the German people's period of suffering which followed and the struggle against National Socialism - with the many blood sacrifices endured by the movement - can be traced to Bolshevik influence. No German should forget this.'

A number of commanders refused to acknowledge or pass on such instructions. They were  those who were brought up in the best traditions of the German army and disliked the Nazis. Many, but not all, were from military families, the numbers were rapidly falling. The generals were the ones who had the least excuse. Over 200 senior officers had attended Hitler's address, in which he said the conflict ahead was to be a 'battle between two opposing world views', a 'battle of annihilation' against 'bolshevik commissars and the Communist intelligentsia'.

The idea of Rassenkampf, or 'race war', gave the Russian campaign its unprecedented character. Many historians now argue that Nazi propaganda had so effectively dehumanized the Soviet enemy in the eyes of the Wehrmacht that German soldiers hardly felt that Russians were human. This is borne out by  the almost negligible opposition within the Wehrmacht to the mass execution of Jews, which was deliberately confused with the idea of security measures against partisans.

Many officers resented  the Wehrmacht's abandonment of international law on the Ostfront, but only  a few expressed disgust at the massacres. The ignorance claimed after the war by many officers, especially those on the staff, is rather hard to believe when we see the evidence that  emerged from their own files. Sixth Army headquarters, for example, cooperated with SS Sonderkommando 4a, which followed the Army all the way from Ukraine to Stalingrad. Not only were staff officers well aware of its activities, they even gave troops to help in the round-up of Jews in Kiev and transport them to the ravines of BabiYar.

 It is hard to swallow that the German officers did not understand the essence of the directive of 23 May, which called for the German armies in the east to seize whatever they needed, and also to send at least seven million tons of grain a year back to Germany. The  orders were to live off the land. Nazi leaders very well knew what would happen to the civilians deprived of the Ukraine's resources. 'Many tens of millions will starve,' predicted Martin Bormann. Goering bragged that the population would have to eat Cossack saddles.

When the inhuman orders were prepared, in March 1941, it was General Franz Haider, the chief of staff, who bore the main responsibility for the army's acceptance of the harsh treatment of  civilians. 

Although a few army commanders were reluctant to distribute the instructions, several others issued orders to their troops which might have come straight from Goebbels's office. The most notorious order of all came from the commander of the Sixth Army, Field Marshal von Reichenau. General Hermann Hoth, who was to command the Fourth Panzer Army in the Stalingrad campaign, declared: 'The annihilation of those same Jews who support Bolshevism and its organization for murder, the partisans, is a measure of self-preservation.' General Erich von Manstein, a Prussian guards officer admired as the most brilliant strategist of the whole of the Second World War, and who privately admitted to being partly Jewish, issued an order shortly after taking over command of the Eleventh Army in which he declared: 'The jewish- bolshevik system must be rooted out once and for all.' He even went on to justify 'the necessity of harsh measures against Jewry.' There was little mention of this in his post-war memoirs, Lost Victories. The acceptance of Nazi symbols on uniform and the personal oath of allegiance to Hitler had ended any pretence that the army remained independent from politics. 'The generals followed Hitler in these circumstances', Field Marshal Paulus acknowledged many years later in Soviet captivity, 'and as a result they became completely involved in the consequences of his policies and conduct of the war.'

A drunken Polish peasant picked a quarrel with a German soldier and in the resulting brawl wounded him with a knife. The Germans seized this opportunity to carry out a real orgy of indiscriminate murder in alleged reprisal for the outrage. Altogether 122 people were killed. As, however, the inhabitants of this village, for some reason or other, apparently fell short of the pre-determined quota of victims, the Germans stopped a train to Warsaw at the local railway station (normally it did not call there at all), dragged out several passengers, absolutely innocent of any knowledge of what had happened, and executed them on the spot without any formalities. Three of them were left hanging with their heads down for four days at the local railway station. A huge board placed over the hideous scene told the story of the victims and threatened that a similar fate was in store for every locality where a German was killed or wounded

This image perhaps encapsulates neatly how the Germans under Hitler's influence felt about Jews

Germans killing Russian Jews in Russia


As an aside. The Russians were no less brutal. And not only towards the German soldiers. During the Battle for Moscow, Stalin had 8000 Russians killed for cowardice. The soldiers were told to hold their positions come what may. At minus 40 degree temperature. There were 'blocking detachments' in the Moscow front line. Their job? To shoot all deserters. Partisans in the countryside were given a free hand to kill anyone who was considered disloyal. The partisans misused these sweeping powers they had to exploit the common Russian people. Also in the fray were the partisans of other ethnic nationalities who exploited the people. In short, for a common Russian, life was hell.

 Removing shrivelled bodies in a concentration camp

 A resident of Weimar a town near Buchenwald concentration camp watches a pile of corpses after the Americans liberated the camp. The residents said they knew nothing.

Corpses of tortured inmates of Goosen concentration camp near Linz in Austria

 American generals Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton watch a pile of burned bodies at Ohrdruf camp

 A Jewish family is shot at Ivangorod in Ukraine

 Eisenhower watches the dead inmates of Ohrdruf camp after the Americans liberated it. As the Americans approached the guards shot the remaining inmates

 A German boy walks past a pile of corpses of inmates of Bergen Belsen concentration camp

 These Russian people were captured and shot dead by German forces at Memino near Leningrad

 The dead bodies of people who died of starvation at Dora-Mittlebau (Nordhausen) camp

 A Soviet partisan hanged by the Germans.  Photo found in the personal belongings of Hans Elman, a soldier of 10th company of 686th regiment of the German 294nd Infantry Division

 Two Ukrainian SS men watch a pile of bodies of women and children who were killed during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

 Dead Russians in the prison yard at Rostov after the Germans left

Picture taken on 26/10/1941.  Location: Minsk, Belarus, USSR. Men and women of the Russian underground being hung for helping wounded Russian soldiers to escape.

Minsk. Belarus. October 1941. A young Russian girl about to be hanged.

Same place. While one of the teenage girl has been hanged, another is being readied.

The Germans used the Lenin monument in Occupied Voronezh as  gallows.

 October 1941. Kiev. Ukraine. Jews walk as dead bodies lie strewn on the streets.

Gatchina in Russia. The Nazi Germans looted much of the Gatchina palace collections of art, while occupying the palace for almost three years. The Gatchina Palace and park was severely burnt, vandalized and destroyed by the retreating Germans. The extent of devastation was extraordinary, and initially was considered an irreparable damage.

 October 1941. Kiev. Ukraine. Old women hurry past dead bodies of Russian POW. Eyewitnesses recall that while the prisoners were being driven on the streets of Kiev, the guards shot those who could not walk. The picture was taken 10 days after the fall of Kiev. German war photographer Johannes Hele, who served in 637th company of propaganda was part of the 6th German army that captured the capital of Ukraine.

 Russian partisans being prepared for hanging. 1941

After the work was done. 1941

 The body of Russian heroine Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya who was brutally killed by the Germans


Zoya Anatolyevna Kosmodemyanskaya, alternatively Romanised as Kosmodem'yanskaya  (September 13, 1923 – November 29, 1941) was a Soviet partisan, and a Hero of the Soviet Union (awarded posthumously). She is one of the most revered martyrs of the Soviet Union.

Kosmodemyanskaya joined the Komsomol in 1938. In October 1941, still a high school student in Moscow, she volunteered for a partisan unit. To her mother, who tried to talk her from doing this, she answered "What can I do when the enemy is so close? If they came here I would not be able to continue living." Zoya was assigned to the partisan unit 9903 (Staff of the Western Front). Of the one thousand people who joined the unit in October 1941 only half survived the war. At the village of Obukhovo near Naro-Fominsk, Kosmodemyanskaya and other partisans crossed the front line and entered territory occupied by the Germans. They mined roads and cut communication lines. On November 27, 1941 Zoya received an assignment to burn the village of Petrischevo, where a German cavalry regiment was stationed.

In Petrischevo Zoya managed to set fire to horse stables and a couple of houses. However, one Russian collaborationist had noticed her and informed his masters. The Germans caught Zoya as she started to torch another house. She was tortured and interrogated throughout the night but refused to give up any information. The following morning she was marched to the center of the town with a board around her neck bearing the inscription 'Houseburner' and hanged.

Her final words were purported to be "Comrades! Why are you so gloomy? I am not afraid to die! I am happy to die for my people!" and to the Germans, "You'll hang me now, but I am not alone. There are two hundred million of us. You can't hang us all."

The Germans left Zoya's

Zoya after she was hung

Zoya has become a legend in Russian history



Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,
On the page of alleged "German Brutality" the photo of Dora-Mittelbau shows 1700 bodies KILLED BY US AIR ATTACKS the day before the US troops arrived. Other photos on that page show hanged partisans they do not mention the brutality of the partisans captured a German Hospital and impaled all the captured nurses through their vaginas on wooden paling fences. Or the captured soldiers the Partisans put meathooks through their jaws and hanged them , alive, in a tree, or the captured German soldiers they roasted alive like pigs over a fire....How do I know ? MY FATHER was in an SS Div on that front. He also told me how, after he was captured, how the Russians filmed & photographed one FAKE horror scene after the other using the German POWs as actors...they had no other choice
mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Anonymous said...

Please don't attempt to place the brutality of the aggressor on par with those defending themselves against attack. I too have had family serve in WWII, and have Germany lineage that I am quite proud of (Rauch and Pfafenschlager). It does a terrible injustice to history to claim that so much of the atrocity was staged. Perhaps this is a way of coping with the great shame of such acts, but it is not true.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are aware that you will find lots of similar pictures from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan that could "proof" the brutalitiy of US.Soldiers if you dont know the context.
You sholud notice that soviet partisans where very cruel to German soldiers, dismemberment and brutal torture till death was normal if german soldiers where captured by soviet partisans. And many of these pictures show requittal actions.

Stb said...

"mit freundlichen Gruessen,
You know I'm from Poland and I can only tell one thing to your father, start from F and finish with F. Who start this war ?Do you suppose that everybody will be such happy like Austrian ? Yourfather was nazi from nazi because nobody force him to join SS, this formation was elite. Brainwashed maniacs. German received this what they should receive after years of terror. Any western citizen can't even imagine what kind of hell german makes for peoples in central and eastern europe. You treat Russians like shit and you were treated like shit. Here we saying "if you fight the sword you die from the sword". This frase exactly describe faith of germans fascinated and drived by group of maniacs. Somebody choose them, somebody agree with their policy. So since 42 when you received kick in ass in Stalingrad start yours part to suffer. Any Steinbach, and any other bullshit talker cant change that. You loose and you loose again just to pass the river. Thats all for NAZI proud kids, go to hell facist bastards.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that people can see the mountains of evidence, from both east and western europe, of German Wehrmacht/SS atrocities, can read in Mein Kampf how Hitler literally says, "I plan on wiping out the subhuman Slavs and Jews", and still come out as apologists for the Nazis. Yes, the Soviets did horrid crimes, as do many armies, the Americans razed entire cities...but the Nazis planned on wiping out 90% of humanity! That to me, is a criminal regime, not worth defending. and to all the people who say, "but not all the Germans were criminals," of course not all were, nor even most. But war is hell, and it is too much to expect Wehrmacht soldiers to retain humanity, when the regime they are fighting for, routinely asks them to discard empathy, in favor of the "war of extermination against the Judeo-Bolshevik threat." These crimes were not staged. 6 million Jews did die, and 15 million Soviet citizens as well, and 5 million Poles and 3 million Yugoslav civilians. All at the hands of the Germans.

A British Gentleman said...

With regards to the Eastern Front, i personally think that it's astounding the amount of guilt and responsibility that has been dumped on the shoulders of the Wehrmacht and SS, and that people generally accept that the sadism and mass rape inflicted on the German people in the guise of 'revenge' are on the whole justified. Even more confusing to me is that Poles,for example seem to forget that they themselves were on the wrong side of Russian brutality in 1939/40 when Stalin invaded on the side of Germany, and then put up with 40 odd years of Soviet occupation after. To all those who lost loved ones in WW2 be they SS or British Tommy stand tall and be proud! I know i am.

Lisa said...

Anyone, anywhere, who has ever worn a SS patch or "swastika" is a COWARD. When the war criminals of Nazi Germany were captured, they had no honor. Rather than accept their sentence at Nuremburg, they comitted suicide. The Jews did not have that option, they were burned and starved and murdered, along with innocent children. Nazis fought for themselves. Not GERMANY.

Anonymous said...

from the birth of man himself he has been a monster when he is sent to war. the eastern front (ww11) was the worst of man. to those who hold onto old hates from then , who were actually there , that is your choice and so be it. too those who are making statements from no experience of this conflict other than what they have heard,seen read or been told . please hot air is easy to make from an armchair. when you were twenty just how easy was it to be talked into ANYTHING your group of mates wanted to do! death has NO rules and in the absolute madness that is war there is no rules when you witness the death of a comrade there is only revenge an if your officers don't or won't stop you , anything and everything IS done .you may not like it but it is real and the truth .blood and mud mix well they don't mix with a beer or coffee and an armchair, so look well in the mirror before you call any man or woman a coward, when you didn't even go. those medals on both sides were not given to look pretty they were earned the way you obviously don't understand or care, oh yes i had family on both sides of that war ,not many survived but they did go, as they believed their respective countries needed them ,and in those day's you obeyed not questioned, as there was NO choice.

Anonymous said...

Brit "Gent", I'm confused by your comment about the Poles "forgetting" that "they themselves were on the wrong side of Russian brutality in 1939/40 when Stalin invaded on the side of Germany"???


And "...then put up with 40 odd years of Soviet occupation after"???????



Anonymous said...

staged or not staged, these pictures are here to remind the future generations never to wage war again, never again! wars are never concluded, opinions of the succeeding generations will always be divided.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who ranted "ALL WE BLOODY LIMEYS GOT" etc etc. Well, all I can say to that is look what we have inherited now - an invasion from Poland. Poles coming here en masse and hammering the benefits system. And Lisa. Not everyone who wore the SS insignia was a coward. The front line, battle hardened troops were the best. Nobody else had troops who could match them. Enough for now.

James said...

If the Germans were so nice to the peoples they conquered, then why did they all try to flee when the war ended? You mean to tell me that pictures of Stalingrad and Warsaw completely razed to the ground are staged? Give me a break. Wake up from your dream world. The Nazis were war criminals and so were all the army people who played along. Half of them ended up in Argentina and Brazil for a reason. They knew what they did was wrong. Accept it. Learn from it. Move on. We're done "debating" whether or not the holocaust happened.

Anonymous said...

Eisenhower saw it first hand. Now look into the photos background. Look at the faces and postures of men,looking him;looking at his own human identity.

Anonymous said...

snivel, snivel, moan more drivel. this shit happened so long ago- why do you care? You should spend your time making sure it doesn't happen again- start by searching "wtshtf". boo hoo bastards

owainglyndwr1416 said...

Victors will right the History and manipulate images to put the defeated in a poor light .. A lot of Photos have been manipulated staged in order to show Germans as savages.. When Eisenhower starved to death 2 Million German POW's was he painted as evil ? "NO" because his crimes were suppressed even though there is ample photographic evidence of his crimes..I am yet to see a genuine photo of Germans mistreating Jews .. A pile of corpses of Typhus victims is no proof of abuse ,,It appears that the Germans took measures to protect the prisoners as best they could by delousing their Clothing with Zyklon B in the camps .. If the Nazis had a policy of extermination why would they go to the trouble of Building Morgues and Crematorium when they could have done what the NKVD did to 25.000 Polish officers and dug a hole and shot them ... The Nazis could have left the Jews in the Cities and left them to the constant aerial Bombing raids by the allies..

Anonymous said...

What the very ****. I never knew world war was this brutal.

Anonymous said...

Come on, People! War, by its very nature is hell, the winner writes the history and all that. Anywhere and and anytime you have an armed conflict with people intent on killing each other, it's going to get brutal, bloody, and just generally unpleasant for everyone involved. For those of you who have had the pleasure of facing an armed enemy combatant, you know how hot your blood gets when you are forcing your will on some bastard intent on killing you. It is the leadership that defines how far that brutality will extend (which is why officers don't generally engage the enemy with an automatic weapon - it narrows your world right down to your targets, front and rear sights, and your ammo). A unit with good officers and experienced NCOs, will not usually be carried away by the hot blood roaring in your ears while you're hammering away at the enemy. So... based on my own personal experience, I remember back as a young and foolish PFC, carrying a light MG, I very easily could've been carried away into the brutality of hate, if I hadn't had the moderating influence of older and wiser Team Leaders, Platoon SGTs, and 1SGs as well as steady company commanders (I won't mention the LTs...). Germany had (and has) a very professional and competent core of officers and NCOs in the field at the company and platoon level, so while the German Army did engage in brutality (I'm talking about the fighting soldier, not state sanctioned genocide) at times, I would have to say that the partisans would be much more likely to engage in not only brutality, but outright cruelty, simply because many, if not most 'freedom fighters' mobilize at the outset of hostilities and operate in small, semi-trained units. The army equivalent would most likely be one or two squads of privates, led by a lieutenant - a simple and easy recipe for outright disaster, rack, rape, pillage, and ruin, especially if there was just enough danger to make things exciting, and this LT with 'his privates we' thought he was winning. Hence the moral of this comment: most people by their very nature tend to be straight up idiots, especially when social constraints are removed and adrenaline starts flowing. Nationality, religion, etc. have very little to do with whether or not we are cruel. We're all cruel by nature to some extent (and if you don't think you are, than you just haven't been in the right place to see that side of yourself - yet), and it's only by training, experience, and a strong leadership cadre of officers and (especially when it comes to control on the battle field) NCOs, that an army (or any group of armed combatants) gains and maintains the professionalism to minimize, and or harness the natural idiocy and cruelty that exists in each and every one of its members.

Anonymous said...

To all those crying how cruel were Soviet partisans and soldiers should answer ONE QUESTION: WHO STARTED THE WAR???? What do you expect when the aggressor came to their country, burned their homes, killed their loved ones? Don't you think they are justified in their RIGHTEOUS anger, compared to Germans who came to conquer convinced by the raging lunatic they are supreme race?? And, by the way, Soviets were humane and did treat their prisoners of war fairly: many were used to rebuild the cities they destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Starlin killed millions of his own people communism and Nazism there's no difference both corrupted by power .in 1939 Poland was betrayed by all nations German Russian Britain and the USA Russia invaded Poland did Britain declare war on them no .for years the poles have been shit on from Napoleon times up to the late eighties.hopefully times are changing if Putin can pull his finger out his ass

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"...Effective command no longer possible... further defense senseless. Collapse inevitable. Army requests immediate permission to surrender in order to save lives of remaining troops."
General Paulus' radio message to Hitler on January 24, 1943

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Soviet resistance made possible a successful Allied invasion of France, and ensured the final Allied victory over Germany.

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Eastern Front: Bias Of Western Historians