"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
-- George Santayana

Lest We Forget......

RAPE OF GERMAN WOMEN: After Germany lost the Second World War

Berlin women, it seems, were short of food, but well provided with poison. There were instances of mass-suicide by poison. The actor Paul Bildt and some twenty others dispatched themselves thus, only he woke again and lived for another dozen years. His daughter was among the dead. Attesting once more to the incidence of suicide among the nobles, especially those who lived on isolated estates in the Mark Brandenburg, the writer cites a number of cases showing how far the old families would go to protect the dignity of their daughters: death was preferable to dishonour. 
After The Reich by Giles Macdonogh P 99

The film Eine Frau in Berlin "A woman in Berlin ", based on the bestselling book of the same name conjures up images of one of the most brutal pages from the past: sexual violence against German women at the end of World War II.

The book, supposedly written by the Berlin journalist Marta Hillers (1911-2001) - first appeared in English in 1954, and in 2003 became a surprise bestseller. It tells of the capture of the capital of the Reich by the Red Army and unprecedented sexual exploitation and repression of German girls and women.

A book by journalist Ingeborga Jacobs of the television station ZDF called "Game" in which she has collected interviews of sexually abused in 1945 women and their contemporaries corroborates the claims.

Insulting the honor of German women. Ordinary women who had nothing to do with the Nazi government. Was it fair?
And the Americans looked away.

Many of these women, continues the author, spoke for the first time about the horrific events. Because the victims of sexual violence are often silent - out of shame and fear of the reactions of their relatives and friends of men, therefore, the exact number of women subjected to violence by the Soviet military, is unknown.

Soviet soldiers were guided by the call: "to crush by force the racial arrogance of the German women! Take them as deserved trophy! "

These mass rapes were one of the greatest crimes against women throughout history. Rapists were mainly Red Army soldiers, many of them - non-white soldiers from the Asian republics of the Soviet Union.. However, unfortunately, it must be said that many rapists, were American soldiers. They certainly behaved like animals, but they had official sanction. The European women of those nations that had been allies of Nazi Germany were targeted too.

Millions of women victims raped by Russian soldiers during the last months of World War II. Anthony Beevor's book "Berlin -- The Downfall 1945" documents rape by Russian soldiers. "Beevor's conclusions are that in response to the vast scale of casualties inflicted on them by the Germans the Soviets responded in kind, and that included rape on a vast scale. It started as soon as the Red Army entered East Prussia and Silesia in 1944, and in many towns and villages every female aged from 10 to 80 was raped." The author "was 'shaken to the core' to discover that even their own Russian and Polish women and girls liberated from German concentration camps were also violated." Until recent years, East German women from the World War II era referred to the Red Army war memorial in Berlin as "the Tomb of the Unknown Rapist."

The Rapes had started already....

Dr. Austin J. App (, professor and specialist in English literature at the Catholic University Skrentonskom Lasallskom University and College, which, among others, risked his career and livelihood, brought out the truth. When, in April 1946, he published his work, which is based on the article, "The Rape of Women conquered Europe "(Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe), he was a lone voice calling for justice in America.

When the Red Army moved into Germany in 1945, Berlin war a city virtually without men. Of the civilian population 27,00,000 people 20,00,000 were women. It was not surprising that fear of rape resounded through the city. Women besieged doctors, looking for information about the fastest ways to commit suicide. Various poisons were in great demand.

In Berlin Soviet soldiers broke into the charitable institution Delem House, a maternity hospital and orphanage, and repeatedly raped pregnant women and also women who had just given birth. Nobody knows exactly how many women were raped, but doctors estimate, in Berlin alone no less than 100,000 women, aged from 10 to 70 years, were raped.

British prisoners of war, returning from the British-occupied zone of Germany, "In the area around our internment camps, in Schlawe, Lauenburg, Buckow, Soviet soldiers raped every woman and girl between 12 and 60 years. Fathers and husbands who tried to protect the women were shot, and girls who resisted, were murdered.

Red Army soldiers raped at the end of World War II and in the period after the war over two million German women. Approximately ten to twelve percent of the women died of injuries, were murdered or committed suicide.

The mentality was to 'dishonour' the women of the enemy.

March 24, 1945, the Soviet army entered Danzig. A 50-year-old Danzig teacher reported that her niece, aged 15, was raped seven times, and another niece, 22 years old, was raped fifteen times. A Soviet officer told a group of women to seek refuge in the cathedral. When they gathered there, the Soviet soldiers went in and accompanied with the sounds of bells and organ, "celebrated" foul orgy through the night raping the women, some more than thirty times. A Catholic pastor in Danzig, testified: "They raped even 8-year-old girls, and killed those boys who tried to shield their mothers." His Eminence Archbishop Bernard Griffin, British (Bernard Griffin) who toured Europe, reported: "In Vienna alone they raped 100 000 women, not once but many times, including 10 year old girls and old women."

A day after the capture of Neisse, Silesia, Soviet troops raped 182 Catholic nuns. In one of the convents the Mother Superior and her assistant were shot dead, when they they tried to protect young nuns. In the journal "North America" (Nord Amerika) from 1 November 1945, one priest reported that he knew "several villages where all the women, even elderly women and girls of twelve years, were raped by Soviet soldiers for several weeks."



Just inside the east Prussian border with Soviet occupied Lithuania, the town of Nemmersdorf was the first to fall (temporarily) into the hands of the victorious Soviet Army.
Overrun by General Gatlitsky's 11th Guards Army, his soldiers, crazy with bloodlust, set about raping, looting and killing with such ferocity that eventually discipline had to be restored to force the soldiers back to fighting the war. From buildings, Russian signs were hung which read 'Soldiers! Majdanek does not forgive. Take revenge without mercy!'. When the Soviet 4th Army took over the town five days later, hardly a single inhabitant remained alive. Women were found nailed to barn doors after being stripped naked and gang raped, their bodies then used for bayonet practice. Many women, and girls as young as eight years old, were raped so often and brutally that they died from this abuse alone. Children were shot indiscriminately and all those trying to flee were crushed to death under the treads of the Soviet tanks. Forty French prisoners-of-war were shot on the spot as spies after welcoming the Red Army as liberators. Seventy one women and one man were found in houses, all dead. All the women, including girls aged from eight to twelve, had been raped.

In other East Prussian villages within the triangle Gumbinnen-Goldap-Ebenrode, the same scenes were witnessed, old men and boys being castrated and their eyes gouged out before being killed or burned alive. In nearby Metgethen, a suburb of Königsberg, recaptured by the German 5th Panzer Division, around 60 women were found in a demented state in a large villa. They had been raped on average 60 to 70 times a day. In nearly every home, the bodies of women and children were found raped and murdered. The bodies of two young women were found, their legs had been tied one limb each between two trucks, and then torn apart when the trucks were driven away in opposite directions. At Metgethen railway station, a refugee train from Konigsberg, consisting of seven passenger coaches, was found and in each compartment seven to nine bestially mutilated bodies were discovered. To the Russians, refugee trains were ideal sources of women and booty. In the town of Niesse in Silesia, 182 Catholic nuns were raped and debauched daily by the Russians. In the town of Demmin in Mecklenburg, German troops destroyed the bridge over the river Peene to slow down the advance of the Red Army. Nevertheless, the town was handed over to the Soviets without much of resistance and soon after around 800 of its citizens committed suicide by drowning in the Peene or by taking poison in fear of rape or murder by the Soviet troops.

In a house in another town, children were found sitting around a dinner table, plates of potato pancakes in front of them. All were dead, their tongues nailed to the table. Soviet officers reported back to Moscow that mass poisoning from captured alcohol, including dangerous chemicals found in laboratories, is damaging the fighting capacity of the Soviet Army. All too often, soldiers who had drunk too much and were unable to perform the sex act, used the bottle to mutilate their victims obscenely. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, an ex-captain in the Soviet Army, recalls, "All of us knew very well that if girls were German they could be raped and then shot. This was almost a combat distinction". (Details of these, and other atrocities, are contained in the Eastern Documentation Section of the German Federal Archives in Berlin)

The orgy of rape by Soviet troops was far greater than at first believed. Even Russian women and young girls, newly liberated from German concentration camps in Poland and in Germany, were brutally violated. The thousands of Russian women taken to Germany for forced labour also fell victims to the rapists. 'I waited for the Red Army for days and nights. I waited for my liberation, but now our soldiers treat us far worse than the Germans did' said one Maria Shapoval,'They do terrible things to us'.

REVENGE AT NEUSTETTIN (February 16-18, 1945)

On the 16th of February, soldiers of the First White Russian Army occupied the town of Neustettin just inside the German border with Poland. In the town was the 'Wilmsee' camp of the German R.A.D. (Reich Women's Labour Service). In the huts were some 500 uniformed girls of the RAD. They were taken to the foreign workers barracks at the local iron foundry. All were considered by the Russians to be members of an illegal army. 

In an office set up by the Russian commissar groups of girls were brought in and ordered to undress. Two men (believed to be Poles) then entered the room and grabbing one of the girls bent her backwards over the edge of a table and then proceeded to cut off her breasts before the eyes of the others. Her screams were accompanied by cheers and howls of approval from the Russians. The same fate awaited all the others each procedure becoming ever more cruel. More girls were brought in continually and out in the courtyard hundreds were clubbed to death, only the prettiest being led to the commissars office for torture, mutilation and death. A few days later when a German reserve tank unit from Cottbus temporarily recaptured the town they were utterly devastated by what they saw. 

Survivors told of what they had seen. Mothers had to witness their ten and twelve year old daughters being raped by up to twenty soldiers, the daughters in turn witnessing their mothers being raped, even their grandmothers. In most houses in the town nearly every room contained naked and dead women with the Swastika symbol crudely carved on their abdomens. No mercy was shown to the women and girls. It is estimated that about 2,000 girls that had been in the RAD and BDM (League of German Girls) camps in and around the town were raped and murdered in the first few days of the Soviet occupation.  

When rape was a spoil of war 

Simon Garfield is gripped by A Woman in Berlin, an anonymous diary that details chillingly and graphically the final, vengeful days of the Third Reich

Reading A Woman in Berlin in one afternoon is an unnerving sensory experience: the walls close in, the air thickens, shrieks from children playing nearby adopt a sinister air. This is an all-enveloping book, a lyrical personal journal composed as the Russians entered the author's city in the closing weeks of the Second World War; it leaves a deep scar. The anonymous author's dispassionate tone adds to its cumulative power; this terrible thing happened, and then this one, and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse ... It is such an awful and compelling record and so perfect in its descriptive simplicity that it is easy to see why some people were keen to dismiss it as a hoax.
The diary begins on 20 April 1945, four days after the Red Army had begun its bombardment of the city. It is also Hitler's birthday, but this is the first year that it is overlooked. Before the war, the author used to sit down to a meal with the phrase: 'For all of this, we thank the Führer', but the words are now uttered with scorn and derision.
She spends her early entries scurrying around for food and safety, dividing her time between her attic, an apartment of an unnamed widow who befriends her and a basement shelter. Rumour has taken the place of all official news and stories of distant defeats are less significant than the whispers of local potato or bread shortages.
Initially, those in the food queues run for cover from an air raid, but, within a few weeks, they merely throw a bucket over their heads and keep their place. In every queue, the hum of planes is accompanied by the horror yet to arrive: the violent sexual appetites of the Russian forces. When it comes, invasion is absolute: the central weeks of the diary are concerned primarily with rape, the author a frequent victim.
She writes of physical abuse with the same stoical endurance she brings to the rest of the moral disintegration around her: everyone steals everything, so why not? She accepts the Red Army view of rape as the natural spoils of war, the frustrated display of brute force made worse by the large supplies of alcohol recovered from German barracks. Her initial resistance gives way to a strategy: 'I have to find a single wolf to keep away the pack. An officer, as high-ranking as possible, a commandant, a general, whatever I can manage.'

The key passage in the book occurs early on, when she concludes that among the many defeats of the war is the defeat of the male sex. 'We feel sorry for them; they seem so miserable and powerless ... deep down, we women are experiencing a kind of collective disappointment.' The Nazi world, ruled by men, elevating male purity, has crumbled. She claims that the 'privilege' men enjoyed, of killing and dying for the fatherland, is exclusive no more; now women share that role, and she feels transformed and emboldened by it.
She is unaware of Hitler's fate in a bunker close by. She writes that she was never a supporter, but feels complicit in breathing the Nazi air. In a slightly comic aside, she regrets losing two world wars in the same manner as a football fan might regret consecutive defeats in cup finals. She expresses no remorse when the extent of Nazi atrocities emerges, just a certain grim irony. As the war ends, she notes that people are saying that millions of Jews have been cremated in concentration camps. 'On top of that, everything was supposedly carefully recorded in thick ledgers - a scrupulous accounting of death. We really are an orderly nation.'

We learn very little of the author from the book itself. She is blonde, occasionally mistaken for a Scandinavian and she has worked in publishing and journalism, travelling to Paris and the Soviet Union, picking up a few phrases that would later mark her out among the invading troops. Her full identity was revealed following her death in 2001 (she was 34 when she kept the diary), but her true name is incidental. Her account was first translated and published in the United States in 1954, but it took another five years to appear in Germany. It received a stony response; some thought it was a fabrication, and those who believed it did their best to ignore it.
One critic so completely misjudged the period in which the author wrote that he accused her of 'shameless immorality'. Within a decade, the political climate had shifted and student radicals and the women's movement circulated photocopies. On its republication in Germany in 2003, it again caused controversy, and it became a bestseller.
It is almost certain that the diaries underwent revision soon after they were composed. The amended work bears none of the hallmarks of a traditional diary; there is very little repetition and there is nothing that does not advance the narrative. I don't think this detracts from its significance, but it adds to its artfulness. There is a determinedly poetic flavour to many descriptions, for which some credit must go to the translator, Philip Boehm.
The first reader of the raw diary was a man she calls Gerd, a former lover returning from the east. The reunion is not a success, for he is the first of many to disbelieve the account of her degradation. The declaration of peace provokes little jubilation in either of them, but it does at least signal the end of the rapes and the slow return of water, electricity and ordered food supplies. She has some inkling that Berlin will be divided by the Russians and Americans, but her own future is uncertain, and it is a shame we do not learn more of her fate in an epilogue.
She has achieved her sole aim - survival - and imagines herself drifting in a universe where the sum total of tears will always stay the same. Her outlook cannot be optimistic and her world view which once applied to Germany may now be transposed elsewhere: 'Well-fed nations wallow in neuroses and excesses, while people plagued with suffering, as we are now, may rely on numbness and apathy to help see them through.'

American and British soldiers too...

Not all rapists wore a red star. John Dos Passos in "Life" on January 7, 1946, stated that "lust, whiskey and plunder - was a reward for the soldier." One soldier wrote in Time magazine (Time) on November 12, 1945: "A lot of normal American families would be horrified if they knew how utterly insensitively our boys "behaved here." An army sergeant wrote: "And our army and British army ... had their share of looting and rape ... Although these crimes are not typical for our troops, but their percentage is high enough to give our army of sinister reputation, so that we too can be called an army of tyrants."

Sociologist and criminologist Professor Bob Lilly makes unprecedented use of military records and trial transcripts to throw light on one of the overlooked consequences of the US Army's presence in Western Europe between 1942 and 1945: the rape of an estimated 14,000 civilian women in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. 

An Italian survivor of American bombing, notes that black U.S. troops stationed in Naples, with the permission of his superiors had free access to the poor, hungry and humiliated Italian women. The result of these interracial rape and sexual slavery was the production of generations of pathetic children. The legacy of brutal conquest.

According to an Associated Press report on September 12, 1945, entitled "German-American marriages were prohibited"said that the government of Franklin Roosevelt has advised its soldiers that marriage with the inferior German girls were absolutely forbidden, but those who had children out of wedlock from German women, whose husbands or suitors had dead, captured or imprisoned in concentration camps, could count on allowance. According to Time magazine dated 17 September 1945, the Government supplied the soldiers some 50 million condoms a month with picturesque illustrations of their use. In fact, our soldiers said: "teach these Germans a lesson - and spend a nice time!"

Open rape were not so prevalent by American and British troops, as it was in the Soviet army. The Soviets just raped in a row all females from eight years and above, reported Time magazine on June 11, 1945 . As for American soldiers, their "pastime" depended largely on the "cooperation" of German and Austrian women. Sexual "cooperation" could be bought for a few cents or a piece of bread from German and Austrian women. This was nothing but sexual slavery.

December 5, 1945. The Christian Sencheri "reported: "The American military police chief, Lieutenant Colonel Gerald F. Bean said that rape is not a problem for the military police because a bit of food, a bar of chocolate or a bar of soap made rape redundant. Think about it, if you want to understand the situation in Germany. London Weekly Review "(Weekly Review) dated 25 October 1945 described it thus:" Homeless young girls openly offer themselves for food or lodging .... all very easy to sell them the only thing left, and they sell it ... . as a way to live, it can be even worse than hunger, but it postpones death for months or even years."

Dr. George N. Shuster (George N. Shuster) president of Hunter College, wrote in December 1945, in "Catholic Digest" (Catholic Digest) after a visit to the American zone of occupation: "You said it all when you say that Europe is Now the place where the woman has lost a multi-year fight for decency because the only shameless stayed alive. "The official policy of the Allies created conditions in which a mother could save her children from starving to death, only by becoming the concubines of the occupation troops.

According to testimony given in the U.S. Senate July 17, 1945, when the colonial Free French troops under the command of Eisenhower - most of them Africans - were stationed in the German city of Stuttgart, they herded German women into the subway, and raped about two thousand of them. In Stuttgart alone, troops under Eisenhower's command raped more women in one week than the German troops raped in France for the entire four years. It is a fact that of all the major belligerents in World War II, rape and looting by German troops was the lowest. The fact is that the level of rape by the German army in the occupied territories was even lower than the level of rape by the American troops stationed on home soil!

According to the London International News Service "dated 31 January 1946, when the wives of American soldiers arrived in Germany, they received special permission to wear military uniforms, because the U.S. soldiers did not want the occupying troops to mistake their wives to be froylyan [it. girls]."






The horrors and moral compromises of war set the stage for this harrowing drama from director Max Färberböck, based on a true story. An anonymous female reporter (Nina Hoss) is living in Berlin in the spring of 1945; most of the city has been reduced to rubble by bombing, the German army has been decimated, and most of those left behind are expecting the arrival of Russian troops and fearful of what awaits them. The reporter is one of a number of women who are hiding wherever they can in the city, expecting that they will be raped and brutalized by the Russians. It doesn't take long for their worst fears to be realized as the emotionally ravaged Russian soldiers take out their anger and frustration on their new captives. But the reporter, who can speak Russian, is determined not to allow herself to be violated by the soldiers, and she decides to curry favor with a Soviet officer who will then protect her from his underlings. 


"A Woman in Berlin" recounts the experiences of a German woman (Nina Hoss) during 8 weeks of the Battle of Berlin, April to June 1945, as the Soviet Union's Red Army overran parts of the city, and German civilians struggled to find food and shelter from mortars and snipers, as well as from the invading soldiers. After she and the women of her neighborhood are raped and beaten repeatedly by Red Army soldiers, she determines to get as much control of her desperate circumstances as possible. She seeks out an officer of the Red Army to whom she offers herself in exchange for his protection. Rebuffed at first by Major Andrei Rybkin (Yevgeni Sidikhin), the two develop a fond relationship of mutual escapism from the horrors around them.

The protagonist is nameless. Until recently, she was known only as "Anonyma", the name under which she published her memoirs in Germany in 1959. They were not well-received. The author was accused of shaming German women with her descriptions of prostitution for protection. The memoirs were not published again until 2003, when "A Woman in Berlin" became a bestseller in Germany, and its author's identity was revealed as Marta Hillers. Hillers was a journalist and minor Nazi propagandist who spoke German, Russian, and French. There is reportedly some material in the book that was not in her diaries from 1945, so it may have been embellished for publication, though the circumstances are similar to many other accounts of civilian experiences in parts of the city controlled by the Red Army during the Battle of Berlin.

There are nasty scenes of battle, as remnants of the German Army try to defend the city against an angry and marauding Red Army, with civilians caught in the crossfire. The Battle of Berlin created one of the most hellish environments in modern times. It has been the setting of a couple of very good films in recent years, perhaps because the devastation was rendered so visually. It is almost as if nothing need be said, making it ideal for the medium of film. "A Woman in Berlin" doesn't actually have a lot of dialogue. It's quiet. The expressions on people's faces match the city in ruins around them. It is unsentimental. Anonyma and Andrei are not heroic, perhaps not even respectable. They are just people trying to make the best of horrible circumstances. In German and Russian with English subtitles that cannot be turned off.

The reporter's plan works as she becomes the lover of Major Andrej (Yevgeni Sidikhin), an officer with decidedly mixed feelings about his work. But as the reporter trades consensual sex for the safety Andrej can give her, both are aware who is the victor and who is a captive, and elsewhere in Berlin both German survivors and the soldiers occupying Berlin show the scars of war as they bring out the worst in one another. Anonyma -- Eine Frau in Berlin (aka A Woman in Berlin) received its world premiere at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival.


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InkBlood said...

It is a shame that if Soviet Commissars were authorized to shoot deserters they weren't authorized to shoot rapists too. This is a detail about the war that will always be ignored. For the longest time as a young child I was playing WW2 war games and always saw our troops as a liberating force and our enemies and even the civilians as a force of evil. I may not be all that old not (Below 21) but I have enough sense and humanity to be disgusted with my old stupidity and foolishness.

egorka-datskij said...

There is a factual error on the page.
This picture on this page
has nothing to do with German rape victims in 1945.

This picture is from Jewish pogrom in Lviv that took place from 30 June to 2 July 1941. The victim is a Jewish woman - the victim of Germans and local collaborators. There exist dozens of photographs taken during that shameful event. F.ex. here is another photo of the same victim.
Please correct the falacy.

And finally, here is the link to critical assessment of the number of rape victims (2 mil.) widely used in the press: http://www.armchairgeneral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84324

glen said...

Hitler believed in gun control and look what happened- hundreds of thousands of German women raped.

radioswastika said...

how about a cross-checked eyewitness testimonies to support the allegations of mass rape? ...not to mention how these Germans even dared to make any claims after the atrocities they had committed in Russia...

Fredrik said...

@radioswastika. That´s a civilised way to look at it. Because Hitler was mean, it´s ok to rape all German women available.

And regarding the Russian suffering by Germans, ..that´s a fairly tiny part of the Russian suffering by communist Russians. Just for the sake of objectivity.

Gandalf said...

do you have these images already in your collection?



Anonymous said...

In these instances when there is a lack of authority women are better off adhering to the Arab-Islamic principle of covering from head to toe--if not the face as well. In a strong, just society this is viewed as backwards but it in a chaotic one this is viewed as logic.

Anonymous said...

Shame on dirty soviet soldiers
Shame on dirty stalin

Anonymous said...


That is completely irrelevant.

I have spoken to some of these women, and they are many more times inclined to say nothing than they are to speak about these atrocities.

There is NO excuse on earth for this behavior, institutionalized from Stalin on down.

Only human animals can rationalize this behavior.

Anonymous said...

a lot of soviet women was raped by german soldiers. i don't see any information about that here. Or german women more women then soviet women was? I see you don't use soviet sourses, only german, so picture you try to image is not correct. Looks like bullshit.

Editor said...

Compared to the rape of German women, the rape by German soldiers in Russia were comparatively fewer and not so sweeping in nature. Women between 8 to 80 were raped in Berlin in 1945.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? people get raped everyday

Anonymous said...

Even though it is possibly true that raping of german women was far greater than that of russian women by germans, they both deserve the same attention and investigation. Both were crimes against humanity. The unbelievable number of russian people killed by the german in WWII should also never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Animals Russian Soldiers and i guess that's why they got screwed up in Afghanistan. Stalin and his brutal Army which no nothing except to went out their sexual frustration on innocent women in every country they occupied.

Anonymous said...

Many of you are idiots. The Germans committed a lot of atrocities in Russia where many civilians were murdered and raped. What happened to German women is not right but then again war is not right.

Anonymous said...

There have been a few comments on German atrocities in Russia.
I have spoken to one of the Russian soldiers, he has been in Berlin and had no problems explaining why he behaved rather .. cruel in Berlin.
Almost all of the Russian front soldiers had travelled from close to Moscow over previously occupied territory. They all saw what the Germans had done to their sisters, mothers and friends. The officers made sure everyone saw that. Keep in mind that the Germans regarded Russian civilians and soldiers as "Untermensch" .. in their ideology this meant Russians could be raped, tortured, raped again and killed.
My Russian soldier friends have no bad memories from their time in Berlin, it's their memories from the German crimes committed against Russian civilians that still give them nightmares.

Anonymous said...

The Russian @ Soviet soldiers terrorized, raped and mass murdered innocent defenseless German women,children, elderly people and unarmed men to prove that Russian @ Soviet soldiers are the most disgusting, barbaric, immoral and ruthless animals ! Stalin and his generals are simply sadistic terrorist animals !

And now the descendants of the immoral beasts are illegally Chechnya and oppressing, terrorizing, raping and mass murdering innocent and defenseless newborns, children, women, elderly people and unarmed men !

The people of the world should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the barbaric war crime to happen under their own noses !

Shame on Soviet Union and Russia !

Anonymous said...

The russian animal raped their way across Europe, not just Berlin. They raped Polish woman BOTH TIMES they invaded. The Russian slobs deserve history to judge them as animals.

Anonymous said...


Raped German women... They must say Thank you! to their God, because they stay alive.

What about
632,000 soviet men, women and children died of hunger during Leningrad blockade?

Millions of pleoples (jewish, russian, polish rtc) wich killed or died in Nazis concentration camps?

Arvin said...

what about thousands of civilians that were killed during terror bombings of German cities??I mean Us and British bombs!!!
I think Russians were enjoying life under German occupation since they were free to practice they're religion on the other hand there's no trace of any mass rape by German forces in Russia ..
In fact Germans were blamed for a lot of soviet crimes just like Katyn massacre but history will not be hidden for ever

Anonymous said...

I am Italian and I know of this type of mass rape...I was told first hand, by a lady working for my father. Also my mother was only 11 at the time and made ints of what went on. Terrifying.

Anonymous said...

what's the problem? Were you there? you held the candle? raped? but remained alive and fresh blood to a miserable Europe. Germany started the war and our right was to erase all of Germany and other fascist country. but we did not do that, though it seems many here just do not have the brain and it would be helpful.
Reply stupid October 15, 2010 10:24 am USSR in Afghanistan is very worthy of fighting, only 15,000 soldiers died. remember Vietnam, where 58,000 died nasty American Knights of democracy.
Russia always destroy all who come to us with the war and always will be.
greetings to President of Poland Kaczynski and his bosses in America!

Anonymous said...

Statistics are quite varied on Soviet casualties during the war (ranging from 8 to 12 million soldiers, and from 10 to 20 million civilians). However, regardless of the millions dead, one cannot disagree that the Soviets were decimated, horrifically decimated, by a war of aggression on Germany's part. Can one really expect a battered population, filled with grievence and hate, to behave better than the Soviets did? Of course you can. But the rapes of 1945 are entirely understandable, when one remembers the villages and cities literally blasted into rubble, by the Wehrmacht and SS. Remember this too: the Soviets, for all their faults, did not have an ideology that was based on genocide. The Germans did.

Anonymous said...


That's a shame,Russia!!! how could they do this? were they human or animal? when I see this images I say I wish Hitler had won the war...

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about numbers,justice and truth. On one side barbarian German, Italian and Japanese totalitarian regimes on other side freedom-loving democratic coalition. Members of coalition are: 1. Soviet Union, country whose legality in general can be easily challenged,, run by a group of tugs (compared to them SS are boyscouts), which in 1939 just ended enslaving whole nations killing among others 10 milion Ukrainians in proces (that will be 40% more than number of jews killed by Hitler,s germany) and will continue the same policy until today. Great Britain country occupying by military force 25% of the world (that will be 10 times more than Hitler's germany ever did)causing at least three great genocides by purposefull mismanagement and lack of care

1)18-century 30 milion dead in India
2) Ireland potato famine 1 milion (23% of population)
3) 1943 famine in bengal 4 milion dead (these were then added to war victims, although inflicted by British governmant)...Britich occupation of great part of Third world lasted until 60-s.
and at last US, just finished genocide over native inhabitans of Nord America, a country where milions of black US citizens had absolutaly no civil rights what so ever.

After occupying germany all were acting like medieval lords having total power ower people and properties. Luckily US were first to realise shortcomings of sich policies, othervise we would propably have another war within years.
IN commenting this post make no sence calling me names just please tel me which of my numbers are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. I see a lot of hatred toward cruel Russians here.

It's interesting how people can easily forget the past.

You cry over raped German women but you don't care about millions of killed, tortured and raped Russian civillians. But I do care. People in my family and literally almost in every (!) Russian family had someone died in this war.

You Germans and people of other nations probably just cannot understand it - 15-20 years ago there were many people alive who remembered the war, who fought for their land. Germans did not protect their land and their families, they INVADED my country and were killing my people. They didn't even think we were people there in Russia, more like animals. And now you are trying to revision the history?

German soldiers raped Russian women too. But you know what? You will not see a book from a Russian lady who survived German rape. And you know why? Russian people understand that it was a war. It was cruel and terrifying, but it was war. War has its rules. We saw it, we survived it (even though Hitler thought it would be so easy to destroy Russia with his Barbarossa operation). But we do not hate modern Germans, we do not try to make them pay us, unlike jewish people, for destroying our land and our people, even though we have the same right. Do you get it, people? We could cry every year complaining that German people of today should pay every Russian, should feel endless guilt and pay again. Obviously we don't do this. I guess those few who survived concentration camps, do, but majority of us don't.

I see people here like to throw their favourite card about Stalin and Chechnya. Ok, I tell you - it is not your job to compare how many Stalin killed and if it was more that Hitler ever did. Did you actually lived in Stalin's Russian, are you sure your sourses are 100% right?
The true fact is - Germany invaded, Russia defended. Is it still clear for you? Not the other way. I'll make it even clearer - Germans counted Russians as animals and wanted to took their land away, Russians were protecting their motherland. This is history, period.

Olga Yarova said...

(the previous comments was also from me, not anon)

And as for Chechnya card. I pray - everybody, shut up about opressing poor chechen people. First, Chechnya became a part of Russian Empire in 1860 year, ok (and partially ever earlier - in 16 century)? And we had a long going conflict which is still here. Second, Russia has an ACTUAL common border with Chechnya. What happens there influences Russians directly.

The USA invades many countries nowadays, and when it was Pax Britannica times, so did England. England invaded other countries it has no common borders with and took its resources as if they had any rights (plus, there is still 'opressed' Ireland). British colonists killed native americans in America. What about them being oppressed or is it better to say genocided? And I'm not gonna tell you what the USA did in Iraq and is doing in Libya. And what about slave-trade and oppressing black slaves up to 20 century?

We do not get anything from Chechya, not oil not other resourses. This republic has been totally supported even in USSR. Russia, in fact gave Chechnya 1.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2010 from our budget which it more that any region of Russian got. We have to pay checnen terrorists so they won't kill haha, so pathetic but true. Did you know about that?

Anon said on January 14, 2011 6:21 PM:
"And now the descendants of the immoral beasts are illegally Chechnya and oppressing, terrorizing, raping and mass murdering innocent and defenseless newborns, children, women, elderly people and unarmed men"
I hope you will never see what chechen people did to russians who lived there. My cousin served in Chechnya, and I guess he'll never be able to get back to normal life again. Chechen could murder a man in front of his woman, rape her, kill their kids and then to put their cut out intestines on the fence of their house - yes, it's a true story, it's their way of treating their enemies. And I did said it only to put you out of your rosy clouds, dear anon.

So please stop bragging about poor Chechnya sitting somewhere far away and knowing nothing. There are always two sides of the medal.

And once again on topic - war is war. It is very silly to expect people who fought in war to behave like you modern tolerant peaceful democratic western people who never killed or saw a human being (member of your family, friend) killed or tortured to death and your village burnt. Some of your kids don't even know where hamburger's burger is coming from anymore (and I heard it with my own ears).

I'd like to see what you would say and do if one day the same war came to your street and was the real deal, not that computer game-like iraqi invasion you saw on telly. But I'd rather not, because as a Russian I do not want any country to see the real face of War.
Russians are proud they saved their land but they would do so much better without needing to fight for it.

Anonymous said...

All are guilty, none are innocent. There is no "them". All sides did horrific inhuman things and everyone is to blame.

Anonymous said...

These same German women of which people write sympathetically, supported Hitler, supported the destruction of Jews, cheered the German armies when the armies were winning, and only regretted that Germany lost the war. They did not regret the crimes that they or their relatives carried out in the name of Nazism.

The Germans raped Jews, Russians, Poles, Nuns, etc. They bombed civilian targets in virually every country they attacked. Yet when the tables are turned, they start whining about their treatment.

The Germans today complain that the Czechs tossed the Germans out of the Sudentland after WWII. Well, the people of German origin in what was then Czechoslovakia cheered Hitler's armies march into Czechoslovakia.

Payback is a bitch. All those rapes by the Russians taught the Germans not to try to start another World War.

Anonymous said...

As a human being, this horrific and animalistic act committed by the Soviets on German girls.

On other hand, poor German, why would anyone picked on them? They are so nice, especially the SS. They helped old peoples and children in Russia, especially Jews..........

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say, I am disgusted with all whining about Germans. They started the war, they had concentrational camp, Aushwitz, Treblinka and many more. They have murdered tens of millions of civilians and they wanted to be treated like they are fine, nice civilized people. Read about WWII from German writers like Thomas Mann and Heinrich Bell and you will see how deeply ashamed they were about German people and their support to mass murders in WWII.

I come from Serbia, country with very sad past in last 20 years. But in that Serbia, during the WWII, Germans killed about one million of people. Read something about town named Kragujevac, where Germans took schoolkids from school and they executed them, 7000 of them in one day. That fine, civilized people took 7000 kids and killed them. They had a law that for every killed German soldiers, 100 of civilians are to be executed. Very nice. And than, you expect to be nice to them. What a stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Here I am writing from Kiev.Let mw pick it on discussion from Chechnya point.Animalistic Chechens unleashed bloody terror lomg before Cgechen campaigns-even Stalin had hard time to 'pacify' them thrwoing a wave of represssion on Chechens.Further,in Khruschchev tim,they were relieved and allowed to return to theur land.Since then a flame of hatred never stopped in their heads.They started that terror lile Bosnian islamists strated exactly the same way by killing something 4000 Serbs and got payback from Mladic in multiple figures.But waht was done to Russian civilians in Chechnya excells any imaginations.Even toddlers were killed,raped and thrown through windows of apartments where Russian civilians lived.Fucking 'poor Chehchens' immidyately strted cleansing on much more massive scale when Dudaev came to power.That was nightmare time for local Russians as Eltsin didnt give a fuck-let him overturn in his coffin-to protect local Russiands from Chechen thug beasts.
So echo responds its calling

horsecrazygal said...

Does it really matter who started the war? does it make it right for innocent german women to be gang raped by the millions.two wrongs don't make a right, and the russian red army acted like savages, not the heros they were made out to be. And to the ones who are saying 'it is war and this is what happens in war' what a cold hearted attitude. these are human beings with feelings that have to keep on going in this cruel world.why should a 15 year old girl be gangraped to death. The russians even raped the dying sick women in the concentration camps. so because Hitler started the war every German girl deserves to be gangraped. What a cruel and heartless way to think. No wonder wars start, when I read some of the cruel comments on here I can see what a heartless world we live in, noone wonder war doesn't stop. And to the ones who are defending the Russians, the very Russian women were terrified of their own men and disgusted at their men's behaviour. War turns men into animals, they start the wars and women of all races are the booty of men's war and women have to suffer. No matter what country a woman is from she has a right to live without fear of being gangraped as revenge tokens for men and their war battles.

Anonymous said...

Anyone trying to defend the indefensible rapes of thousands of women _and underage girls_ just because those women _and underage girls_ were German are sociopathic misogynist shitbags and should be either jailed or stood against a wall and filled with lead. Plain. Simple.
You people are just as bad as rapists and paedophiles for trying to rationalise such behaviour.

Geoff said...

I agree with "horsecrazygal".It is shameful and disgusting to try to justify such evil.

We will live with war until there is no war in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous.

You DO realize that for most German supposed "massacres", committed, there is evidence that it was generally not committed by the Germans? Remember the Katyn Massacre? And how people who said it was not really done by the Germans were labeled as Nazis?

Rape by Germans was practically zero, due to rape being a crime punishable by death, most Eastern European women were considered dirty by the German troops, not because they were Slavs, but because they were LITERALLY dirty.

People who defend the Soviets on here and cite Soviet civilian deaths as justification disgust me. Soviet special forces would purposefully go into German-occupied villages, slaughter small garrisons in the most brutal ways imaginable, then retreat. They did this so Germans would come to investigate, find mutilated bodies, then use reprisals, due to the village appearing to be full of violent partisans. This tactic was used to eliminate local support for the Germans, AS WELL as weakening partisan groups that would combat the Soviets once they arrived.

In my honest opinion, the Allies and their modern equivalents today are the absolute scourges of mankind.

Paul S. Johnson said...

The whimpering of you Nazi apologist losers is perfectly analogous to some snot-nosed punk walking up behind a Hells Angel at a bar and smashing a bottle over his head then crying like a little girl when he gets the dog feces stomped out of him. LOLOLOL!!!!!!

You are perpetuating the truth that Nazis are feeble-minded, mentally defective psychopaths, never able to accept accounability for your own crimes.

Note to dumbass krauts.

In the future, don't dish it out if you can't take it.

Consider the actions of the victorious armies a much-needed infusion of superior DNA into your subhuman German gene pool that caused you to worship the feeble-minded lunatic adolph and his psychotic Nazi criminal dsciples.

Maybe in the future you subhuman animals will think twice before you start a war you can't finish.

In a perfect world, the entire population of Germany would have been flushed from the human gene pool forever for their collective crimes against humanity. You gave the the absolute right to do this too by your crimes and absence of all forms of civilized behavior.

Perhaps the forcible improvement to your animal gene pool was the most humane thing that could have ben done.

Anonymous said...

Actually,all those mass rapes by Russian it's just a Goebells propaganda, resurrected during Cold War.Also there's "Slave" myth-that slavic people are commited to be slaves("slav" or "slov" it just means "word" in slavic languages)-Germans are not from "germs" ,isn't?
But all unhuman nazis deserves REAL genocide,for their war crimes ,IMHO.

HistoryHound said...

Okay first off, Communism is worse than Fascism there is no debate there. Second the soviet union has murdered more people then Nazi Germany ever did.
Fact: Out of all the beligerents of the war, the German Armed Forces (Army, Navy, etc.) committed the least amounts of rape, torture, murder, and theft. The soviets.....one of the highest.

Someone here said that the mass rape is propaganda, please look at some books or documentaries it is no propaganda created during the second world war, it is factual just as much as the soviet union starving 8 to 11 million Ukrainians to death for not wanting to be collectivized into Stalin's farming system. Also Russian civilians starving during the war because their city was surrounded is not a justification to commit these acts against the Germans. The city was surrounded by men of different countries and more Germans died after World War one when the British blockaded their ports because the Germans wouldn't sign the war guilt act. Thousands more of soviet civilians died under the brutal hand of the NKVD and retreating Red Army than the Germans, also please don't add partisan deaths to civilian numbers because they are rebels fighting an army, the same would be dealt to guerrilla fighters in the middle east or Vietnam.

Look up history of soviet war crimes and you can see a much more long and brutal list than that of the German military and even the Nazis. The soviet union murdered hundreds, maybe thousands, of their own soldiers. Key players in keeping moral up during the battle of Stalingrad were murdered by Stalin later, to him heroes were figures for the people to follow and Stalin did not need an heroes.

Anonymous said...

The lack of intelligent comments is staggering.

Scott W said...

I must say, reading all of this only makes me grateful that i have not experienced first hand anything truly horrible in my entire life. Tho i am only 27 (white male) it is hard to read these things without feeling total disgust. I am happy to know i have food, water, shelter, clothes and dont have to fear for my life. I cannot see past this to feel any hatred towards these people and acts. It is more of something we can all learn from and hope to never see or have this happen ever again.

Anonymous said...

it is horrific. as it is horrific what germans did to russian women. remember Zoya? can you see what hate and violence brings? the same.


Anonymous said...

HistoryHound, are you silly? Communism isn't where built in USSR.
Seriously, where you came from? Why do you believe one E.Brivor? Soviet Army is the most disciplined and severed in comparison with armies of that time. For example - ONLY In RED ARMY the VIOLENCE WAS FORBIDDEN LEGALLY!!! Punishment, even for property crimes were severe! Forgive me, but you are a nazi-propaganda victim.

Deemas said...

As said previously. All the families in ex USSR has lost relatives in the war. I'bve seen some links to youtube with Hoebbels propaganda- it's just a propaganda. ( If I will post the Soviet war time sources for the German crimes- we'll see the bloody reivers there) In reality every soviet soldiers who came to the Germany had a chance for revange. And Germans wait for a "Vergaeltung"
In the percentage- don't tell me that Soviets for 2- 3 month killed more civilians than the Germans, Romans and other 3rd Reich allied for allmost 4 years being occupate USSR. Personally my mother lost both parents in theis war as a civilians, and during the German occupation. My other Grandmother had run away from Germans to the forest, where she got a health damage for all her future live

YourTVLies said...

All you whiny sycophants and foolish repeaters do exactly as you were trained to do and justify the brutal treatment of Germanse because: 1)they attacked the Soviet Union OR 2)"they killed 6 million jews" OR 3)the Germans behaved worse in Russia.
1)false 2) false 3) false
1) Germany was able to penetrate so far into the USSR because the Red Army was staged for an invasion of ALL OF EUROPE. The Germans were only 16 DAYS ahead of the game. Check the book "Icebreaker" where a former soviet military intel officer details the preparation Stalin took, complete with an admission from Zhukov himself. 2) Holocaust? The nazis supposedly wiped out European jewry by killing 6 million jews, right? Where did the 6 million jews that live in Israel come from? And yes world jewish population remained unchanged pre-ww2 & post-ww2. Check any legit world almanac yourself. And/or google "holohoax" for mountains of evidence. 3) The German Army was the most disciplined of all Armies involved in WW2. Raping was punished with execution. On the other hand the Soviet Propaganda Minister Ehrenburg encouraged Soviet troops to take revenge & is quoted as saying "that blonde hag is in for a bad time". How about what was mentioned on this very page above "The fact is that the level of rape by the German army in the occupied territories was even lower than the level of rape by the American troops stationed on home soil!"

Anonymous said...

Any hatred is wrong and what happened to any woman and child wrong. God will punish. War sucks.

Lena said...

Or maybe you should all shut the f*ck up, learn from the past and do everything in your power to stop more wars from happening, because those are the products of war. What did you expect? Candies and rainbows? Of course there are going to be raped, maimed and tortured people in wars, don't act so damn shocked.

Anonymous said...

The Russians should be eternally ashamed for their barbaric treatment of civilians in Eastern Germany in May 1945.

Not just millions of rapes but hundreds of thousands of executions occurred.

They were no better than animals, egged on by hate-filled vitriol spewing from the likes of Ilya Ehrenburg, the renowned German-hater.

Anonymous said...

Firstly a message to Anonymouse, May 6, 2011 1:01 PM
Seeker of trueth said...

1) With reference to you’re supposed 30 million dead in India. There have been an estimated 90 famines in the Indian continent (which includes Pakistan, Bengal, etc) in the last 2500 years and there continues to be famine and disaster on there up to the present, caused through natural disaster as it is one of the most densely populated and unstable geographical areas in the world with regard to tidal waves, rain storms, cyclones and floods, causing failed crops.
2) In Bengal (which was part of the Indian continent). There was a small famine in Bengal in 1940 – 1941 which was successfully brought under control. Unfortunately in 1942, Bengal was still dependent on imports due to continued cyclones and widespread flooding from 3 tidal waves which affected wide areas of farmland and destroyed crops. Unfortunately, these much needed imports had originally come via Burma, which was subsequently occupied by the Japanese and thus preventing any further import of supplies via this route. As a result it is estimated that between 1.5 and 4 million people died of starvation, malnutrition and disease.
3) There is no evidence to suggest the British Government was in any way responsible for causing the Irish famine. It is true however (to the shame of the British Government) that more could have been done to assist the starving Irish people who were starving. The British Government has since made a public apology to the Irish people for this lack of action in assisting more. However, on the topic of the Irish famine, there was also no effort made either by any other European Country at that time to assist the Irish with aid, including no offer of assistance from the German Government.

Anonymous said...

Seeker of trueth

Now back to the war: pointing out the warts on someone else’s face does not make an ugly person look any more desirable. A psychopathic murderer on trial citing someone else’s crime as mitigation would not be accepted as a defence.
Crime is crime and murder is murder regardless of the uniform that is worn. The psychopaths, who are good at killing without remorse or conscience and creating terror and carnage, are always the ones promoted to positions of authority in order to get results in times of war. Don’t justify killers. Crime is crime and murder is murder however wrapped in argument. As is rape. There is no justification.
Should it be the norm then, that every time an individual commits a heinous cruel murder, the innocent females of that individual’s family should be punished by being placed in brothels to be sexually humiliated? Is this the way for civilised societies to learn and develop in the pursuit of peace.

What was done in Hitler’s name has no other name but monstrous and these acts cannot and should not be justified ever. Equally, to use abuse of vulnerable civilians and what was done by thuggish killers to justify the rape of woman, children, and old ladies can and should also not be justified. We are only giving permission for those who are already foul animals inside to justify their depraved cravings. No civilised society should allow these criminals freedom. To say that they were angry is no excuse. There are many written testimonies of people who rose above this to do the right thing; of German soldiers refusing to take part and even crying in despair at what they witnessed, as there are the same from all the armies of such individuals who chose to do the right thing and help rather than destroy, (these individuals are the true heroes of war) people who hold their head up and declare their humanity and say no, I would rather die than be associated with such despicable criminal acts of depravity. These individuals I admire.

War is simply organised theft and rape on a grand scale by governments who want what another country has and feel they have the muscle to get away with it. And these governments tend to be funded by the equally corrupt rich industrialists greedy to line their pockets. In order to get us peasants to play their game, they use words such as patriotism, defence of right and ideals, of cutler, protecting our women and children, but all they are really interested in is their own selfish desires. If they are victorious, they allow us to quench our sworded desires for a short time. If they lose, they slink away like lice and buy their way out, while leaving the innocent to pay for the crimes they committed.

mister x said...

I wonder why You dont say or mention a single word about 10000000 sovjet woman, raped by the germans with 2 million children as result.
Massrapes in Poland by the German Army....Not a SINGLE word about this...why ?????

If you dont believe it, you should read what german historians Christa Paul, Regina Muhlhauser says about it...They says that about 10 million sovjet woman was raped by germans 1941-45

mister x said...

The German army killed 3,5 million russian POW, killed 12 million russian civilians, raped about 10 million sovjet woman...So, the russians was really very very kind to the germans 1945....

mister x said...

I wonder why the editor dont mention facts like this ? Is this site some anti russian site ? : "According to the German historian Regina Mühlhäuser the Wehrmacht also used sexual torture and undressing in numerous cases of interrogations.
Estimates regarding the rape of Soviet women by the Wehrmacht reached up to 10,000,000 cases, with between 750,000 and 1,000,000 children born as a result."
The worst concentration camps in history was in Croatia...very cruel people there in Croatia

horsecrazygal4110 said...

Rape is a cruel and vicious act no matter what country one is from, and is unfortunately used as an evil outlet on women in every war mankind has had. War produces the most cruel, unnecessary acts upon humans from one group of nation to another. Using women as rape booty is just another atrocious act on these poor women who never even started the war. It has nothing to do with country, this type of violence towards women has to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

The soviets have never had a professional military and even today, the legacy of their thug/terrorist history of governance prevents them from having a professional military. Wherever the russian/soviet military have gone, there's always looting, murder and rape. The last case is Georgia.

This shows up in their weaponry and related, military doctrine. Stalin said, "quantity has a quality all its own". Not much can be expected from a military that throws people at a problem. Can't train professional people like that as like the japanese found out, you run out of bodies.

Their military is little more than a drunken spree of unsupervised wilding.

Anonymous said...

To Jeoff, Seeker of Trueth and other humanists.
Yes - Russians are backward, uncivilized animals,who raped just in spite, because so much wrong has been done to them. What have been done to them absolutely NOT justifying their bad behavior in Germany(two wrongs dose not make it right, is'n it?).
But why do I feel so much sympathy to Samuel L.Jackson character saying: "Yes, they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!!!".
All I'm saying is, that after four brutal years of war, through thousands of miles of dirt,death,blood and shit, displaying one of the most basic human behavior -(and it's not what you think) - I'm talking about REVENGE, is entirely understandable. Maybe, just maybe, revenge was the only thing that sustained them through years of shelling and lice,horror of friends, that just saved their lives, dying on they hands, absence of food, clean clothes, normal bed and ,o yes, women.
Jackson character was acquitted, right? Think about it, you neonazi bastards!

horsecrazygal4110 said...

Germany invaded Russia in summer of 1941. Russia suffered from the most casualties in WW11. Russians had in 1939 been a part of invading Poland, and Finland. Millions of Russians were killed by Stalin's regime, Stalin killed any Russian that opposed his regime.
Yes, Russia did suffer under the hands of Germany, but they sure got their revenge back on Germany, and were very cruel to the Germans that were left in Russia when the war had already stopped. Revenge is one thing, outright gang raping and brutality to women is another.Berlin's charity institute Haus Dehlem was an orphanage and maternity hospital, the Soviet soldiers went there and raped pregnant women and even women who had just given birth. The ages of females raped were between 10-80 years old, what lovely revenge????
A pastor in Danzig reported Soviets raping 8 year old girls, and shot boys who tried to protect their mothers.
Where were the war crime tribunals for these horrific acts of rape under the most horrendously vicious way.I cannot understand how anyone can justify such horrific acts. You rape a 12 year old girl now you are jailed, not hailed a hero. Germans got punished at Nuremberg trials, Soviets get away with mass rape. How can you call this revenge.

Anonymous said...

German soldiers raped and murdered millions of Russian women during their invasion of Russian BEFORE any german woman was raped. That’s what the Russian soldiers saw during their way through Russia.
What the Russian soldiers did was RETRIBUTION for the atrocities germans have committed on Russian soil.

horsecrazygal4110 said...

To anonymous- no it was not RETRIBUTION, please get your history correct. We are talking about two million approximately women to have been raped, almost half could be considered gang rape, one woman was raped by 23 soldiers. Russians raped their OWN women. (So how is this revenge on a German???)They raped 8 year old girls, this is paedophilia not revenge. It was due to Russian's patriarchal societal attitudes and excess consumption of alcohol. Polish women were also raped by Russian soldiers. This cannot be revenge on a German. They did not care what woman was subject to their evil brutal rape. They raped a Jewish woman, when she said she was Jewish, the Russian replied "frau ist frau', meaning female is female. so to anonymous, you are clearly mistaken about revenge towards Germans, it was outright brutality towards females.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole Europe paid a terrible price at that time - also for being silent, unreactive, scared of raising the voice,maybe unaware or uninterested... What happened to the women in Germany was a horrible crime against humanity, and definitely none of them deserved this fate. Please, bear in mind though, that before this atrocity, the Natzi soldiers, sons and daughters of those women, were raping and torturing Polish women and Polish-Jewish women for years, and then before the Soviet soldiers actually reached Berlin, they had raped everyone on their way, so my country suffered from rapes again. It all started way before Berlin. There is no way you have right to speak about the rape on German women by the Soviets without a hint of solidarity with victims from different country, without even mentioning them. Their pain was no bigger - and no smaller either - than the pain of the Polish women raped before. The whole Europe got raped at that time, not just the German women as for the Soviet soldiers it was not at all important who they were raping, and there are historic proofs to that. In my opinion, this whole rape should be reffered to over the boarders and nationalities, as its range was,sadly, so much wider... And what scares me, it is an even wider as in the XXIst century women still suffer from being brutally raped by the degenerated soldiers in so many parts of the world... What's wrong with us, people?

Bruno D. said...

Some comments here make me sick. The rape of women is never justifiable, even in wartime. is the worst crime one can do to a woman, and those who say the opposite are horrible human beings.

Anonymous said...

Russians are animals they also raped and pillaged in manchuria all the while calling themselves liberators. there is no excuse for what they did to the civilian population.

Tyrolean said...

@Anonymous.. 'I come from Serbia, country with very sad past....etc'
how true. But unlike other europeans your still doing this stuff now. You also get away with it because you know big daddy Russia will back you up. You poor Serbs. you have had your way in the east for so long it must be hard for you now. ps. I as yet have not seen any evidence of whole brigades of German troops waiting in line to rape a child like the Red army did. The germans called you subhumans and you realy proved them wrong didnt you.

Anonymous said...

well in war you cant even compare the losses of other countries to russians but in the end russian soldiers raped a lot of ukranians romanians and others and even raped russian women too i dont think that rape is a matter of hatred and i dont think that i would be able to rape a women even if i hated them to death

Anonymous said...

Here is what wrote in his diary 15 April 1945 on the mood of the Berlin population 16-year-old Dieter Borkowski "... In the afternoon we drove off in a totally crowded train with Anhaltskogo Bahn station. With us on the train had a lot of women - refugees from the Russian occupied the eastern districts of Berlin. They dragged with them all their belongings: a backpack stuffed full. Nothing more. Horror froze on their faces, anger and despair filled the people! Never before have I heard such bad words ...

Then someone yelled over the noise, "Quiet!" We saw a nondescript dirty soldier in the form of two iron crosses and gold German cross. On his sleeve he was stripe with four small metal tanks, which meant that he knocked out four tanks in close combat.

"I want to tell you something - he shouted, and the wagon train in silence. "Even if you do not want to listen! Stop whining! We must win this war, we must not lose courage. If you win some - Russian, Polish, French, Czechs - and even one percent will make our people what we were doing six years in a row with them, then after a few weeks it shall not live a single German. It tells you who he was six years old in the occupied countries ». The train was so quiet that it would hear the dropped pin "

Alex said...

What I can see? What's a bullshit? Goebbels came back? Humans, wake up - it's really bullshit, and you eat it! War was ended 70 years ago, and just now russian soldiers stayed rapers! It's not truth! Just read about Gen. Berzarin. In Berlin still presense square Berzarinplatz... Humans, please, don't eat this dirty propaganda and let switch on your brains!

horsecrazygal4110 said...

Hi Alex, to address your point, the Red Army under orders from Gen. N. Berzarin made a huge effort to supply food for residents in Berlin, but in many other areas, soviet troops feeling revengeful, having too much alcohol etc (mainly the rear echelon units), were involved in looting, raping and the murder of civilians for up to several weeks/months.

Alex said...

Hi horsecrazygal4110! I hope you not believe it? How it could to be? Gen Berzarin supplied Berlin where "every women were raped" and germans gave his name to one square. And in another territories was another situation? I know, in Soviet Army had some orders about rape, looting, murdering of civilians etc. It was strictly prohibited, violators were subject to the death penalty. These orders were issued immediately before the invasion of Germany and strictly implemented. This could prevent the negative perception of the Soviet troops between civilian, prevent the resistance of defence, prevent guerrilla war. I know, russian soldier made some rapes, murders and looting, but very less than american soldiers in Germany, and german soldiers in USSR. But if german soldiers after raping do not become the criminals, but Russian soldiers paid for it with his life and shame. That's all differense...

horsecrazygal4110 said...

Hi Alex, the rapists were largely Red Army soldiers, some were non-white troops from Far East and Central Asian Republics of the Soviet Union. Soviet Allies conquered Neisse, Silesia and raped 182 catholic nuns. Americans and also British troops also raped in high numbers, the German troops had a smaller amount of looting and rape, lower than the Americans. In the first 6 months of American occupation venereal disease rose twenty times its past levels in Germany so Americans did behave disgracefully, and left German females on starvation rations so they would be forced to have sex for sometimes a small meal. Unfortunately, the war was very gruesome to women on the accounts of rape.

Anonymous said...

Hi horsecrazygal4110! Can you show us where did you get such great knowledge in this matter? What is the "non-white troops from Far East"? Are these soldiers reported his biography during raping? Soldiers from Central Asia were a minority in the Soviet army. Culture in Russia at that time was that young people were chastity. Discipline in the army was at a very high level. Drunkenness, rape, robbery and sexually transmitted diseases pursued very seriously. People, who wanted to die a shameful death after winning the Great war was a bit.
And I just know what all rape hysteria in Germany - clear bullshit. This is propaganda propagada without evidence, not more. Look at those photos above - do you see rapings? Me - not.

horsecrazygal4110 said...

to anonymous, you can read and research for yourself. The truth is the Russian soldiers did rape lots and lots of women, as did all other soldiers from other countries, and no matter what country the soldiers come from, this behaviour against women and young girls is disgusting. Men who have to take out revenge on women are cowards, why didn't they keep fighting each other, leave innocent girls out of it, THAT'S IT!!!

Troll999 said...

Russians stop talking about how you were simply defending your God damned motherland if this was true then once you and the allies would had won you would moved back to your border. Instead you made a land gab let's be honest Stalin had already planned to take over Europe long before the Germans sucker punch you before you got to sucker punch them. Plus you treated your people in the union soviet no one could protest or voice there own opinions without disappearing. At least when in the usa when the civil rights movement happen our government didn't make them disappear. As for all this crying over which side did what note one thing war is war people die all men trun into animals. Until war stops on this planet this is human fate. Besides war doesn't say how is right or wrong only who is left. Fuck the Germans of the time and the Russians to this day. You need a go and get ass kicking just so you can get your shit together like Germany and Japan has today.


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Von Stauffenberg: The Man Who Almost Killed HITLER
After several unsuccessful tries by Stauffenberg to meet Hitler, Göring and Himmler when they were together, he went ahead with the attempt at Wolfsschanze on 20 July, 1944. Stauffenberg entered the briefing room carrying a briefcase containing two small bombs. The location had unexpectedly been changed from the subterranean Führerbunker to Speer's wooden barrack/hut. He left the room to arm the first bomb with specially-adapted pliers, a task made difficult because he had lost his right hand and had only three fingers on his left. A guard knocked and opened the door, urging him to hurry as the meeting was about to begin. As a result, Stauffenberg was able to arm only one of the bombs. He left the second bomb with his aide-de-camp, Werner von Haeften, and returned to the briefing room, where he placed the briefcase under the conference table, as close as he could to Hitler. Some minutes later, he excused himself and left the room.

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In articles related to the Eastern Front of WW2, the Soviet Union has been commonly referred to as Russia. This is because the Soviet Union was mainly Russia. Other states like Ukraine, Georgia, Byelorussia were in comparision very small.
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