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Amazing Second World War Pictures: Part 1

A German messenger dies on the tracks. Seems like the eastern front. Russia has the muddy slush.

Dead German soldiers in Stalingrad. Seems like a massacre. The Russians were ruthless.

Dead soldiers, destroyed tank

The dead at Stalingrad. Wonder how they dies. Aerial bombardment? Or Russians spraying bullets from heavy machine guns?

The vanquished: German POW. Sad state of an once proud and aggressive army.

Two emaciated American civilians, Lee Rogers left and John C. Todd, sit outside a gym which had been used as a Japanese prison camp following their release by Allied forces liberating the city.Philippines,1945

German soldiers prepare for an execution of partisans. Chilling.



Shani said...

I don't think I quite agree with the view your captions seems to have. For example, the one where "German" soldiers lay "massacred" by the "ruthless" Russians. Do you have even the slightest idea of what the Russians went through at Stalingrad alone? The people held out for years while the Germans continued their poorly timed and poorly planned invasion. The Russian citizens were so hungry they ate the glue out of books because it was rumored to be made with some sort of potato starch. They called it "library candy". And throughout the whole war, the Russians lost approximately 11 million soldiers and 7 million citizens. That is 3 times as many Jews that were lost in the holocaust (no offense intended at all, just put in for emphasis)!
I mean, come on! What other choice did the Russians have? Plus, if you ask me, the Russians were pretty much just minding their own business in their own country. The Germans were the ones who chose to invade, poorly equipped might I add. Ask any political scientist familiar with WW2 what the biggest mistake was and they'll say, "the land war in Asia."
No offense is intended but, I believe that the captions are unfairly biased. Seeing as you seem to have such a plethora of pictures, you're a very good source of pictures, but not necessarily unbiased information.

Deepraj Jadeja said...

Thank you for the comment.

We have no bias. It is well known that Germany was the aggressor and Russia was only fighting for its survival. The aim of the post to stress on the utter bestiality that all sides sank into during WW2. The brutality of the Germans has been portrayed in many other posts.


Anonymous said...

Remember that the Soviet Union entered WW2 as an ally of Germany!

kursk said...

I believe that most of the German dead in those pictures, have been dumped at a collecting point. If you look to the left of the main picture of the corpse, you will see a panzer crewman stripped of his trousers..I doubt he was killed outside of his fighting vehicle..

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