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Russia under German occupation: WW2

The Germans entered Russia on June 21, 1941. The victorious Russians pushed them out sometime in early 1945. So many parts of Russia saw German rule. How was life under occupation? The following pictures give us a fair idea.

This look eerily like the Babi Yar ravines

Life did not come to a stop under German rule

Looks like a scary proclamation about those who are to be bumped off.

Ordinary people the world over are the same. They have food to eat  and a little freedom and they are happy. These Russians seem quite happy with the Germans. May be they found it better than Stalin's rule.

Many were not so pliant and were finished off

This man too. May be he was a communist

The Russian lady thought it best to befriend the Germans

Herding off

These ladies seem to have found  boyfriends in German soldiers

Wonder where they are being sent to?



Anonymous said...

Last 2 pictures are from Kiev. Those people are going for their execution in Babi Yar. It was biggest mass execution carried by Germans. During 29-30 september of 1941 there were executed 33721 jews. More info here.
Excuse my English.

Alan Reichenbach said...

The second to last picture, with the man lying dead is of ethinc germans being executed by the polish and being kicked out of there homeland.


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In articles related to the Eastern Front of WW2, the Soviet Union has been commonly referred to as Russia. This is because the Soviet Union was mainly Russia. Other states like Ukraine, Georgia, Byelorussia were in comparision very small.

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