German Cartoon During WW2: "Lustige Blatter"

Lustige Blatter (Funny Sheets) was a German satire humor weekly magazine. It was published till 1944. Obviously it steered clear from making barbs at Nazi leaders but Allied leaders were the object of their cartoons. Besides overt German propaganda and anti-semitism,  apolitical social issues too were raised.The drawings were top class.
February 15, 1942 British Singapore became Japanese territory. "Singapore. Strongest fortress in the world" - the magazine celebrates the success of the Japanese.

Optimism: "Victory will be ours! The King found one four-leaf clover". According to British legends four-leaf clover brings good luck to those who find it. The Issue was published in the winter of the 1941, when the bombing of London had become much less intense, but still continued.
German Cartoon During WW2 Lustige Blatter
"I am a friend of all the small countries." Churchill takes off his mask. Cartoon transparently hints - the British love to fight by proxy.
"Behind the scenes". Popular story of Nazi caricatures - Jewish puppeteer and puppets: Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt. The floor was littered with dolls already used, such as Chamberlain.
"What are you hiding behind, Franklin" - asks South America. "Our wedding rings." Readers were told a simple message - America uses war to subjugate  South America states.
"I think you need to move, since you're on our side" - Winston Churchill said, clinging to Stalin. One of the first issues of the magazine, which was released on 22 June 1941.
"Sword of the Samurai. He will tear any mouth." The reaction of the magazine on December 7, 1941 - Japanese carrier-based strike aircraft attacked Pearl Harbor. .On December 11, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.

Trust him to Britain. He just wants to protect you" - said Churchill. Union of British and Russian Bolsheviks  seemed unnatural to the Germans

"The results of the winter offensive. He bit steel." Winter 41, the Germans suffered their first defeat of the war. Cartoonists as much as they could, encouraged depressed readers.

The title of this cartoon: "American Giganticism." The caption: "Isn't it wonderful? The motor is so powerful that it flies all by itself, saving us the airplane and pilots."
"American chandelier." Another of the topic of anti-Semitism.

The magazine celebrates the successes of German submariners. And in the early years of the war, they, indeed, have made impressive progress.
Again, readers should cheer "Doenitz wolves." The cartoon overlooked the grim German situation in the spring of 1943, after Stalingrad, and amid escalating Allied air raids. Therefore, the logo at the caricature reads "Bomb Shelter for sinking ships"

"The polyp". The message is clear: the Jews controlled the Allied forces

"They eat each other, and a Jew eats them all." Another anti-Semitic caricature.

"Information from the U.S.." American radio, means truth is upside down.

"Our proposal." IUnited States should build a monument to blacks. Most likely it will be in the  way shown below. The Nazis of course hated Blacks too, but the cartoon wanted to say that in America blacks were lynched.

.Another anti-Jewish cartoon

"Is not it so cute, Reverend? He wants to become a British Bolshevik commissar, when he grows up." The theme of this cartoon was an alliance between Russia and Britain.

The caption: “Hey Bimbo, look at the funny factories they have here in Europe!” There was a flurry of cartoons on this theme. Nazi propaganda argued that Americans were sending ignorant black soldiers to destroy the cultured lands of Europe (led by Germany).
 "Pumping blood". Soviet Union spilling blood for Jewish benefit is the message
The caption: “His way to ‘liberate’ Europe.” Mord means murder in German


Cartoons/Posters During WW2

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